Insta-worthy Wall Decorations!

Pick a color scheme 
Pick a color that dominates the space and makes it stand out. The objects should complement this color and fit into the color scheme. Here are some examples:

Mansur Gavriel’s leather goods store in NYC has this versatile pink on the wall - the pink is amazing and really complements their beautiful bags. This setting makes people want to take photos.

Use patterns
Consider making room on one of the walls that has a cool backdrop for selfies. A good budget option is patterned wallpaper, custom wall stickers, or fun or inspirational phrases painted on the wall or drawn with chalk. If you do this, make sure to put your store’s Instagram handle somewhere on the wall so that it fits into the selfieWhen you see someone taking a photo on your selfie wall, give them your card and suggest that they tag you in their selfie. 
You can also creatively arrange your own product on the wall in a specific pattern.

Wall-mounted mirror
Uniquely shaped mirrors can make your walls look great. Sticking them higher creates better aesthetics.

Metal wall shelves 
Beyond looking great, these compact metal wall shelves are a great place for your favorite knick-knacks without cluttering your room. If your room has a lot of straight edges, these selves break them with their unique curves.

Gallery wall
Nothing adds personality and color like a gallery wall. Display your favorite artwork or photo collection, or add wall decorations and other ephemera. Choose simple and cohesive frames or bring a variety of decorations to mix it up! Pro tip: Extend the gallery walls to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

Play with Fabrics
A rug or wall decoration can add color and pattern, and a sense of softness to a space. Consider framing vintage scarfs or other pretty textiles. Bonus: when the time comes to move to your next house, they are a lot easier to move than framed paintings.



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