Ahead of the 3rd Anniversary of MKI Invites Media Partners to Do a Site Visit

In commemoration of the 3rd Anniversary (HUT), PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia (MKI) held a series of events, one of which was a media site visit which was held on Thursday, November 04, 2021 at the Site Office and the MKI factory in the Narogong area. , Gunung Putri, West Java. This activity was attended by colleagues from the national media.
 Yesterday's agenda was opened with a safety induction briefing from the EHS Department, then continued by visiting the MKI RnD Center. Interestingly, media colleagues were invited to participate in mortar application activities. After that, media colleagues were invited to tour the Indonesian Mortar factory to see the production process from Upstream to Downstream.
 On that occasion, Mr. Bagus Dwi Wasono as the Director of MKI gave a speech and presentation of material about the company's profile to media colleagues. During the series of events, media colleagues were very enthusiastic and proactive in participating in the visit to the Indonesian Mortar factory area.

 We hope that with this activity, media partners can get to know MKI and Indonesian Mortar better and work together in the future.



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