MKI undertakes disaster response for the Mount Semeru eruption, Build emergency toilet and musala

The eruption and lava flood of Mount Semeru on 4th December 2021 left deep sorrow for residents in the villages of Lumajang, East Java. It because this disaster not only resulted in injuries and fatalities but also damaged a number of residential areas and public facilities.
Based on data from Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) from 7th January 2022, the total number of damaged houses reached 1,027 units. Meanwhile, the total number of displaced residents is 10,400 people and spread over 406 evacuation points.
As a form of concern for these conditions, PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia (MKI) distributed assistance in the form of building materials to build emergency bathing, washing, toilet facilities and prayer rooms at
Desa Bantarejo, Lumajang,, East Java, on Saturday, 8th January 2022.
Project Sales Manager of MKI, Anindityo Suryohudoyo said that the MCK construction was motivated by problems of poor sanitation and an unhealthy environment. Refugees also find it difficult to obtain clean water. Therefore, the existence of emergency MCK is expected to help residents avoid various diseases.
He further said that due to the Semeru eruption, a number of public facilities were also damaged by the hot clouds, ranging from educational facilities, bridges, to mosques or prayer rooms. In fact, not only as a place of worship, the mosque or prayer room is also a place for learning and teaching and deepening religious knowledge.
"So with the construction of this prayer room, MKI hopes to provide comfort for residents to worship and carry out various other activities in the prayer room," he said.
Andit also said, this aid movement is one of the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, as well as a form of issuer's business in placing themselves as part of the community.
"Through this assistance, MKI hopes that the assistance provided can be useful for residents affected by the disaster and become part of the moral values ​​that the company applies to every individual in it," he said.
In distributing aid, MKI cooperates with Satgas Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana BUMN dan Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah (BPBD) of Lumajang, East Java. Through this collaboration, it is expected to optimize the delivery of building material assistance so that it can be used optimally in areas in need.
“We would like to thank you for its assistance. The need for emergency toilets and prayer rooms is currently really needed by the community during the recovery period," said Lusiyanti the Head of the Logistics Sub-Sector of BPBD Lumajang.



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