Mitra Kiara Indonesia 3rd Anniversary "Synergizing to Strengthen the Nation"

Tuesday, November 9, 2021, PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia commemorates its 3rd Anniversary by holding a celebration event at the Pidari Lounge, Senayan Jakarta. This event was attended by the entire board of directors and employees of MKI, of course by applying the Covid-19 health protocol standards that have been set by the government.
With the theme Synergizing to Strengthen the Country, this event is a moment of friendship and appreciation for all employees and directors, for their performance and contributions to the progress of the company.
The series of events began with a mini talk show session with the RnD & QC Manager, Bofa Widya Octovianto, and the Specification & Technical Manager, Fritz Rendy Octavianus who discussed Indonesian Mortar.
Followed by a competition session in the form of games activation and employee performance from each MKI department which was presented in a unique and interesting way. This competition session aims to improve team cohesiveness, innovation, and employee creativity in their work. Participants with the best works and performances are entitled to prizes at the end of the event.
At this happy moment, the President Director of MKI, Mirza W. Soenarto gave remarks and motivation to all MKI employees as well as led a ceremonial session to commemorate the MKI Anniversary, which was accompanied by MKI Director, Bagus Dwi Wasono and MKI Commissioner, Alexandra H. Tamawiwy.
The highlight of the event was enlivened by the Shaky Town music group while accompanying the dinner session together. His appearance made all the invited guests entertained and enjoyed the series of events even more.
This celebration event became a special moment for all MKI employees to continue to inspire, synergize and work hand in hand in realizing the company's vision.
That way, MKI can become a leading, trusted, and reliable provider of building materials and contribute professionally in strengthening the development of a better Indonesia.



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