1st Anniversary Celebration of PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia


PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia (“MKI”) is an entity under PT Semen Indonesia (Company) Tbk (“SIG”) and PT Priatman (“Priatman”) that provides building materials solutions, especially cement by-products. It celebrated its first anniversary on November 11, 2019 with the theme “Together We Solidify a Better Future”. Established on November 9, 2018, MKI began its business with a positive track record and has since developed itself as a business entity of PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk business group that develops cement by-products in line with SIG’s diversification strategy.

The celebration ceremony was held at MKI’s Head Office at Artha Graha Building 20th floor, Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), Sudirman, with the Board of Directors and all MKI employees in attendance. The event was opened with a speech by Bagus Dwi Wasono as Director of PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia. In his speech, Bagus relayed his pride and joy from the opportunity afforded to him to join MKI. Officially joining on November 4, 2019, Bagus said that MKI’s operation moving forward will uphold the values and cultures of the two parent companies PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and PT Priatman.

He also said that MKI would maintain its commitment to producing high-quality cement by-products moving forward in the journey to become a leading company for the achievement of the company’s vision “to become the leading trusted and reliable building materials provider and to contribute to solidifying a better future through professionally integrated business activities”.

The speech was followed by a prayer led by Willy Premadi expressing the entire MKI team’s gratitude for all of its achievements and a hope for all of MKI’s future business plans and activities.

Next in the agenda was a ceremonial tumpeng (yellow rice) serving in commemoration of MKI’s first anniversary and as a sign of gratitude for all of PT Mitra Kiara Indonesia’s achievements in its first year. Witnessed by all MKI employees, this procession was led by Rachmat Arief Norman as SBUs Management Director of PT Priatman and Bagus Dwi Wasono. The moment was followed by Rachmat serving the tumpeng cut to Bagus as a token of appreciation from PT Priatman to MKI for its growth into an outstanding business entity.

The event ended with a lunch where all of the Company’s individuals gathered and connected. Through this ceremony, MKI hopes to continue to carve positive accomplishments in the future through professionally integrated business activities.



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