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 Mortar Indonesia Granite Tile Adhesive is a mortar that is especially formulated as a Granite Tile (homogeneous tile), ceramics, and natural stone adhesive for walls and floors. A homogeneous mixture of cement, sand, and selected materials provides optimal application and quality. 

Product Strengths

  • No chipping necessary on wall or floor surfaces. 
  • A granite tiles (homogeneous tiles), natural stone, and ceramics adhesive for walls and floors. 
  • Strong adhesion that prevents the granite tile/ceramic/natural stone from falling off during vertical application. 
  • Expansion and shrinkage resistant. 
  • Longer drying during application. 
  • Protection for the granite tile or ceramic from popping. 

Form: Powder 
Color: Gray 
Water requirement: 5.0-6.0 liters/25-kg sack 
Spreadability: ± 5 m²/25-kg sack/3.0-mm thickness 
Adjustment time: 5.0–10.0 minutes 
Open time: 20.0 minutes 
Application thickness: 2.0–10.0 mm 

40-kg woven packaging. 

  • Store in a confined space at room temperature and specific humidity, do not expose to direct water or heat. 
  • Stacking more than 8 (eight) high per pallet is not recommended. 
  • A maximum stacking of 2-pallet high is recommended. 

Products can be stored for 10 months in accordance with storage recommendations. The expiration date can be found on the packaging. 

·       Red brick and AAC surface 
·       Plaster, screed, and concrete surface 

1.     Preparation 
  • Clean the surface from any dirt, such as dust and oil, that may compromise the adhesion of the admixture. 
  • Make sure the substrate is even; uneven substrate may result in more product use. 
  • Use ceramic installation markers for optimal results. 

2.     Mixing 
  • Prepare 5.0-6.0 liters of water for each Mortar Indonesia Granite Tile Adhesive (25 kg). 
  • Pour Mortar Indonesia Granite Tile Adhesive into the previously prepared mixing bucket. 
  • Mix the admixture well. It is recommended to use a mixer. 

3.     Application 
  • Apply Mortar Indonesia Granite Tile Adhesive with plastering trowel with teeth, then install the granite tile/ceramic/natural stone carefully for higher precision. 
  • A thickness of 2.0 – 10.0 mm is recommended for optimal application, but make adjustments based on the size, granite tile/ceramic/natural stone absorption rate, and substrate evenness. 


Video Tutorial


* the number of sacks needed is based on the recommended use
** the total number of sacks needed is rounded up

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